Designing Emerging Technologies II

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3 Units

This course is an intensive, project-based course which serves as part of the core required curriculum for students in the Master of Designing Emerging Technologies program. Students are led through a sequence of projects of varying lengths (from one week to one month). The course builds on Designing Emerging Technologies I, and focuses on developing fluency with a different set of technologies. Projects include both individual and team activities, with teams frequently changing in size and composition.

This course takes a holistic and discursive approach to material-driven design, bringing together a technical, experiential, historical, and contextual understanding of materials within the design process. We discover and emphasize the role of materials in design as something that is simultaneously technical and experiential. How do the materials that we choose to use in the design process act as a catalyst for conversation? How do we create tools for thinking; how do we activate thinking through making?

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