Berkeley MDes Student Installation @ Albany Bulb


06/14/2021 12:00 am

Julia Park (MDes SP22) and her collaborator Louana Gurrauard, are featured in Berkeleyside for their environmental installation, part of Monument to Extraction, an exhibition and audio tour at the Albany Bulb that recalls the social, cultural and environmental histories of this former landfill.

Julia’s installation references a time from 1963 to 1983 when the Albany Bulb was a construction debris dump, and brings attention to the older history of brick manufacturing, home construction, and racial housing segregation in the East Bay. It is one of many projects in the exhibition that use material culture to reveal untold and overlooked stories of communities, neighborhoods, and industries in the area.

Monument to Extraction is the result of the a Future History Lab course, “Ghosts and Visions” led by Susan Moffat where twelve students used “augmented reality and physical installations to tell history and envision futures.”


photo credit: Kelly Sullivan