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DESINV 202: Technology Design Foundations (FA21)

Technology Design Foundations (TDF) introduces design and technology frameworks essential to the creation of products, services, and experiences enabled by emerging technologies. TDF is a core class in the required curriculum of all MDes students in their first semester. The course follows a human- centered design process that includes research, concept generation, and prototyping, with an emphasis on iteration and refinement through digital fabrication. A technical semester-long project challenges students to create a product- service system leveraging hardware and digital technologies to address a well-defined need. The course is taught by Vivek Rao and Adam Hutz, and was GSI’d this FA21 semester by Faezeh Taghva and Jeremy Warner.

Check out the eight group projects below:



An ambient reminder for your kitchen that helps you use up what you have, buy only what you need, and minimize what you throw away.

Project by: Akash Mahajan, Debbie Yuen, Eleanor Mayes, Lula Duloup, Roland Saekow

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A snack, a conversation, a perspective.

Project by: Amanda Yang, Billy Kwok, Yilin Niu, Zhipeng Pan

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Breathe Easy

The right to live healthy.

Project by: Can Ge, Carolyn Nguyen, Jessica Kim, Zoe Ingram

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Shake it. Squeeze it. Feel it.

Project by: Daisy Chen, Jacob Kritzinger, Kaila Negron, Salih Berk Dincer, Tania O’Neill

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Devices that ensure safer hiking trips for all. Plan, track, and stay informed on your next hike.

Project by: Maya Chen, Chialing Chen, Ramyani Roy, Thomas Chen, Bennett Ngan

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Cultivating equity in the workplace, one flourish at a time.

Project by: Benal Johnson, Hannah Bartolomea, Emily Joens, Celia Diaz, Jennifer Wong

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Practice self-care, anywhere.

Project by: Jaesuk Huh, Sara Friend, Sora Kang, Taylor Speed, Yuting Wang

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Reflection Pool

What brings you here?

Project by: Denise Heredia, Dongho Koo, Felicia Renelus, Ming Gong

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