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DESINV 211: Designing Emerging Technologies (FA21)

Designing Emerging Technologies I (DET I) begins with an intensive pre-module on digital fabrication and Raspberry Pi technologies. Afterwards, the course is separated into four “blocks”: vision, augmentation, and the body, each engage with a specific emerging technology as a design material. The intention of DET I is not to train students to engage with these specific areas at a level at which they can make theoretical contributions. DET I is an applied class, and as such, foundational investigations in each of these areas—e.g., how Google Cloud Vision is designed, trained, and updated to enable fast fine-grained image recognition and labeling functionalities—are not the focus of the class; the UC Berkeley Engineering curriculum offers several other touchpoints for this domain-specific knowledge. DET I instead intends to give students the technical fluency, creative confidence, and problem-solving mindset to engage with new technologies as creative design materials. For the FA21 semester, DET I was taught by Eric Paulos and GSI’d by Katherine Song.

Check out the five group projects below from the final provocation project, “The Body”:



soma is a wearable device designed to foster support between two people through subtle message exchanges of warmth, light and vibration.

Project by: Luna Wang, Susanne Pierce Maddux, Yu Cheng,
Georgios Grigoriadis





A wearable corset that changes color and grows “tumors” in response to people’s positive and negative sentiments when they speak to you.

Project by: Adam Huth, Abhi Ghavalkar, Penny Lin, Yiying Wu






Find your statistically significant other.

Project by: Ted Huang, Jiaxuan Ren, Shuyang Yu, Kailin Li







Somnus induces synchronized lucid dreaming to encourage human connection in a society on the brink of collapse, overwhelmed by stress.

Project by: Effie Jia, Titus Ebbecke, Xiaobai Ji, Xinyi Zhu






OFF-LINE is a set of wearables that helps to keep compulsive technology usage in check and aims to detach people from their devices.

Project by: David Zhou, Elijah Lee, Franklyn Bucknor,
Jan Veicht, Mercedes Saldana


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