Career Paths

The MDes prepares you to work in creative and technical roles for designing products, services and environments. As the world sees rapid change enabled by emerging technologies, our graduates are expected to work in an expanding set of roles at the intersection of design, policy, and activism. Fostering domain expertise, a toolkit of design and technical skills, and a grounding in the Bay Area’s rich design ecosystem, the MDes provides powerful preparation for high-impact design innovators.

The Growing Reach of Design

  • The Design Management Institute’s 2015 Design Value Index shows design-driven companies outperforming the S&P 500 by 211% from 2005 to 2015.
  • New Enterprise Associates’ 2016 Design in Startups Survey found that 87% of startups believe that design is important or very important; 31% of startups surveyed, in fact, had a designer founder.

The Expert View

“The talent in demand today are those who can operate at the intersection of humans, machines, and societies. These skills are needed today to establish competitive advantage and are starting to be employed for disruptive turnaround strategies. They will be needed in the future to sustain market position. These are the skills of the future workforce.”
  • Steven C. Tiell, Senior Principal, Data Ethics + Responsible Innovation, Accenture

Hear From Recent Alumni

Read about the career paths of recent UC Berkeley alumni that are bringing together design and technology in innovative ways.