Design@Large expects students to engage in an experience outside of an MDes course or studio where you apply what you have learned in a broader context. It typically takes place in the summer between the MDes Spring and Fall semesters.

Uniquely defined by your own interests and career goals, Design@Large degree requirement may be satisfied by:

  • securing an internship
  • having an international experience
  • contributing to a research project
  • launching or contributing to a new start-up or business
  • working in government, service or non-profit organization

The MDes program provides Career Services advising and other resources to aid you in your pursuit of internships or other professional opportunities as part of this requirement. It is each student’s responsibility, however, to define and identify your Design@Large experience.

You are expected to demonstrate the completion of the Design@Large requirement by documenting a project or contribution from your experience in DES INV 219: Capstone Portfolio, a culminating core course in the last semester of the program.  


Examples of Design@Large experiences during Summer 2021 


  • FreeStyle Libre Product Team @ Abbott
  • VR/AR consultant @ Accenture
  • Alibaba in Beijing
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Product Design @ Earnest 
  • Ezra Lee Design+Build in Salt Lake City, UT
  • UX Design @ Google 
  • Microsoft Research
  • UX Design @ Microsoft
  • AI + UI
  • UX Design @ Tencent in Beijing
  • SchoolLab
  • TikTok in Shanghai
  • UX/UI @ TH Experiential

Research & Faculty-Led Projects

  • Verified Human Interfaces, Control, and Learning for Semi-Autonomous Systems with Björn Hartmann, Associate Professor, EECS
  • Generative Design for Learning-Based Oracle-Guided Compositional Symbiotic Design of CPS with Björn Hartmann, Associate Professor, EECS
  • LEGO ROAR with Allen Yang, Executive Director, FHL Vive Center.
  • Immersive Semi-Autonomous Aerial Command System: Virtual Reality Interface for Multi-UAV Teleoperation, with Allen Yang, Executive Director, FHL Vive Center
  • Installation for the “City X Venice” show organized by Tom Kovac at the Italian Pavilion of the Venice Biennale with Kyle Steinfeld, Associate Professor of Architecture 
  • Virtual Bauer Wurster Hall with Luisa Caldas, Professor of Architecture, Director XR Lab

Start-Ups/Independent Projects

  • Building the brand & fashion line in preparation for Shanghai Fashion Week Fall 2021
  • Building new business model for a personal business, and collaboration with a local new coffee shop to develop some guerrilla marketing approaches
  • Continuing award-winning project/start-up business with goal of securing funding or a place in a business incubator
  • Independent Industrial Design consulting