Berkeley MDes Fall 2022 Cohort,

COMMENCEMENT: Friday, December 16, 2022 @ David Brower Center, 4-6pm

Here is the public Zoom link for families and friends who want to join commencement via our webinar!



Keynote Speaker

Renee Reid

Senior Manager, UX Design Research at LinkedIn & Host of Tech Wrap Queen podcast

Renée Reid is a dynamic and sought-after international keynote speaker and panelist with over 25 years professional industry experience. She is currently a Senior Manager of UX Design Research at LinkedIn where she leads a team across the Marketing Solutions Products.  Renee is a known & respected voice and activist for the importance of representation, diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equity throughout the Design, Product and Tech industries.






Student Speaker

FA22 Cohort Graduate

Maya Chen is a member of the Berkeley MDes Class of Fall 2022. She also holds a B.A. in Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley. She was chosen by her peers to represent them as their Commencement Student Speaker. Members of the graduating cohort nominate the person whom they believe best represents the spirit and mission of the MDes Program and UC Berkeley, and has a distinguished record in their work, service, and practice.








Join the MDes Fall 2022 graduating cohort for Internodes, the Berkeley MDes Graduate Exhibition of thesis projects and research. 

Opening Reception:  Thursday, Dec 15, 4 – 6 pm PDT

Public Show:  Friday, Dec 16, noon – 3 pm PDT



We look forward to celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of our second Berkeley MDes cohort in December 2022. In this section, you’ll find important student-facing resources and details for these MDes Commencement events. 


Registration Links


Key Events

Date & Time
4:00 – 5:00pm
Jacobs Winter Design Showcase featuring MDes student work  Jacobs Hall, 10 & 310
DEC 15
Internodes Graduate Exhibition Opening Reception Jacobs Hall, 310
DEC 16
12:00 – 3:00pm
Internodes Graduate Exhibition Public Show Jacobs Hall, 310
DEC 16
MDes Commencement Ceremony Goldman Theater, David Brower Center
DEC 16
MDes Commencement Reception Hazel Wolf Gallery & Atrium Lobby, David Brower Center
DEC 19
by 5:00pm
MDes Studio Move-out Jacobs Hall, 210/220




How many guests can I have for MDes Commencement?

For the first round of guest registration, each MDes student may have up to 3 invited guests and can also request additional “waitlist” guest tickets. After November 15, any remaining open seats will be distributed to waitlisted guests. 

We know that some students would like to invite more than 3 guests, but others will invite fewer. We hope that this two-stage process will allow us to accommodate every student’s guest priorities, while ensuring that we do not exceed the commencement venue’s capacity (178 seats).


Will the MDes Commencement Ceremony be live-streamed or recorded for friends and family who cannot join in-person?

Yes; we will have a live-stream video of the MDes Commencement Ceremony on December 16th, and post the recording afterward. Please check this page again in December for the link. The Campus Winter Commencement will also have a live-stream and post-event recording (more information on the Campus Commencement FAQ).


What are the differences between the MDes, College of Engineering, and Campus commencement events?

The MDes Commencement ceremony is for only Master of Design graduates and their invited guests; the event features guest student speakers, student awards, and reading of graduate names. The program will hire a photographer to document program-specific commencement events.

The College of Engineering (COE) hosts a Master’s Commencement for Master’s students in all COE programs in the spring. The event features guest and student speakers, awards, and reading of graduate names. The graduate processional is organized by program; students in each program gather and walk into the venue together behind their program banner. The COE does not host a fall commencement, but fall semester graduates can participate in the COE commencement either in the semester prior to or after graduation (but not both).

Campus Commencement is open to all undergraduate and graduate students, in every school and college. Graduate names are not read at Spring Campus Commencement but they are at the Winter Campus Commencement. Program affiliations will not be read aloud; however, the live-stream video feed on the jumbotron will include degree information. Although graduates are not formally organized by program at the campus commencement, individuals who wish to walk together will be able to gather together in the staging area before entering the venue. Here is a video of the Winter 2021 campus commencement to provide a sense of what to expect.

We hope that all MDes students participate in the MDes Commencement. Students can choose whether they will also attend the campus and COE commencement events.


Are students required to purchase graduation regalia to participate in commencement?

Regalia is not required for MDes Commencement.

Regalia is optional for Campus Commencement. Graduates can alternatively dress in business casual or cocktail attire. 

Regalia is required for COE Commencement in the spring and can be purchased in the Cal Student Store.


What commencement events can MDes2023 students attend?

We encourage students in the MDes2023 cohort to attend the FA22 cohort’s T-0 graduate exhibition opening reception (December 15) and/or public show (December 16). Due to limited venue capacity, MDes2023 students will only be able to attend the MDes Commencement if they are a registered guest of a graduating student.



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