Kyle Steinfeld: Artificialis Relievo

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10/28/2021 6:00 pm —
10/24/2021 7:30 pm


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AI Architects Lecture Series: Artificialis Releivo

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Artificialis Releivo

As machine learning (ML) processes are introduced into computer-aided architectural design, the modes of action afforded by this new media will catalyze changes in the way we design. This lecture presents the Artificialis Releivo project, an early probe into the nature of changes that machine-augmented architectural design might bring. It asks: what novel subjectivities might we embrace in this new medium, and what fresh liberties does it engender? Conversely, which of these new capacities should designers avoid, and what are the important domains of action that are denied?


Kyle Steinfeld is an architect who works with code and lives in Oakland. Through a hybrid practice of creative work, scholarly research, and software development, he seeks to reveal overlooked capacities of computational design; he finds no disharmony between the rational and whimsical, the analytical and uncanny, the lucid and bizarre. His work cuts across media, and is expressed through a combination of visual and spatial material. Across these, we find a consistent theme of undermining the imperative voice so often bestowed upon the results of computational processes, and find in its place a range of alternative voices.