MDes Program to Launch in Spring 2021


08/15/2020 12:00 am

We are delighted to announce that the UC Berkeley MDes program will launch with its first student cohort in Spring 2021.

Originally planned to begin in Fall 2020, our decision to delay the start of the program is the result of careful planning and conversation among the MDes community. Students, faculty and staff all contributed to a co-creative process and helped shape a re-imagination of the program in the context of COVID-19. This inspiring dialog demonstrated the grace and resiliency of our community and has led to a more creative and more responsive plan.

We intend to start the program with full-time enrollment for the MDes core courses and electives in Spring 2021. These courses will be delivered by flexible or in-person formats depending on the department planning and following appropriate health and safety guidelines from the University.

The MDes program will use the Fall 2020 semester to run remote workshops in technical preparation and professional development. Topics include “Designing our Lives,” foundational programming, creative coding and new media software tools, and visual scripting and parametric modeling. There will be no required courses in Fall 2020 and students will be able to complete the program and graduate in Spring 2022.

While we continue to carefully monitor the COVID-19 health crisis, it is also our hope to return to campus and be together in the Spring semester as soon as public health conditions improve. As we navigate these decisions, we are equally committed to the health of our community and to maintaining the quality design experience of this program.