MDes Spring 2022 Cohort Diversity


10/13/2020 11:00 am

One thing we’re most excited about with this cohort is the diverse backgrounds and experiences each admit is bringing with them. The Spring 2022 cohort is composed of 45% men and 55% women; with experience in a diverse range of fields and practices including architecture, cognitive science, computer science, design, engineering, entrepreneurship, interdisciplinary studies, and mathematics. With an international population of 52%, this cohort represents six different countries, including China, Germany, Greece, India, Mexico, and the United States.

Human-centered design is central to the MDes program, not only as a core aspect of its education but as a foundational principle that informs the ways we shape the MDes community and culture. As designers, we are deeply committed to learning from all stakeholders – faculty, students, and staff – as we launch, develop, and refine the details of the MDes experience. With such a diverse group as our first cohort, we are already seeing a rich exchange of ideas and information!