MDes Student Daisy Chen and Jiaxuan Ren’s work featured in MIT Reality Hack 2022


05/07/2022 12:00 am

Congratulations to MDes students Daisy Chen and Jiaxuan Ren for getting their projects featured in MIT Reality Hack 2022! 

Daisy’s team project “Inclusive VR User Testing Tool” is selected as the grand finalist out of 60 teams and won the “XR for inclusion” prize sponsored by Snap AR. This project allows users to directly give feedback in VR and allows user researchers to view this feedback asynchronously using a web-based dashboard. By incorporating a variety of accessibility layers, including voice-to-speech, keyboard input, and VR screen reader support, this tool makes it easier for people from different communities to give feedback on VR products and make them more accessible.


Xuan’s team project “Cambridge Fashion House” won the Moonshot prize sponsored by AR House. It generates digital clothing based on a user’s mood, environment and social interactions. By capturing multimodal sensory info, this project visualizes relationships and interactions with digital fashion and AR. 


About Reality Hack:

Reality Hack is an annual community-run XR hackathon comprising thought leaders, brand mentors and creators, participants, students, and technology lovers, who come together and attend tech workshops, talks, discussions, fireside chats, collaborations, hacking, and more. Participants of various backgrounds and all skill levels attend from all over the world.


More details about the project can be found here: