MDes Students Win the Fung Institute’s iHackHealth


04/01/2022 12:00 am

Congratulations to Xingtai Huang and Mercedes Saldana, whose team DermScan won 1st place in the 2022 iHackHealth Appathon. iHackHealth Appathon is hosted by UC Berkeley’s Fung Institute and UCSF, and focuses on addressing pressing needs in the healthcare field.

The team’s app, DermScan, allows patients and dermatologists to monitor skin disease over time. It consists of:

  • An interface for the patient to scan their skin with their smartphone, leveraging 3D LiDAR scanning technology to automatically map the skin onto a 3D model;
  • An interface for viewing the model and skin changes over time;
  • Quantification of clinical features (e.g. size/color of moles or rashes), powered by machine learning to provide real-time alerts on disease progression.

This integrated teledermatology platform hopes to accelerate and empower high-quality dermatology healthcare for all patients.

Full Team: Mitchell Wong, William Hou, Rachel Sklar, Anvitha Kachinthaya, Sofia Guarnieri, Verena Yiu, Sherry Zhou, Xingtai Huang, Mercedes Saldana, Zhaohui Wu, Jose Chavez

PI: David Wu, UCSF

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