Attend the MDes2023 Graduate Exhibition, FLUX


12/15/2023 4:00 pm —
12/15/2023 7:00 pm


Jacobs Hall, UC Berkeley

Join us for an exclusive showing of capstone work by the Berkeley Master of Design 2023 cohort.

FLUX is characterized by a continuous sense of change and evolution, a state where elements seamlessly ebb and flow, perpetually evolving. For the third cohort, FLUX embodies the merging of 44 innovative minds from 8 countries, spanning 24 diverse disciplines at the Berkeley MDes program. Cohort 3 remains at the forefront of emerging technologies, igniting pathways of unconventional thought and revealing pivotal opportunities in anticipation of future trends. FLUX signifies the guiding rhythm and mindset of the students as they venture into the next phase of their journey. Most importantly, FLUX represents hope for future MDesians—to adapt, to evolve, and to transcend.

We are excited to celebrate our third cohort’s achievements, and hope you can join us at Jacobs Hall for this momentous occasion.

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