Human-centered design is central to the MDes program, not only as a core aspect of its education but as a foundational principle that informs the ways we shape the MDes community and culture. As designers, we are deeply committed to learning from all stakeholders – faculty, students, and staff – as we launch, develop, and refine the details of the MDes experience. We are so excited to see a rich exchange of ideas and information between faculty, staff, and cohort.

Faculty & Staff

Courses in the MDes are led by UC Berkeley faculty and lecturers, as well as industry experts covering a range of design practices. Together, the faculty bring expertise in topics ranging from human-computer interaction to sustainable 3D printing technologies, and represent professional experience in companies including IDEO, Tellart, Google, and more.

Student Cohort

One thing we’re most excited about with this cohort is the diverse backgrounds and experiences each admit is bringing with them. The Spring 2022 cohort is composed of 45% men and 55% women; with experience in a diverse range of fields and practices including architecture, cognitive science, computer science, design, engineering, entrepreneurship, interdisciplinary studies, and mathematics.