MDes Cohort

Abhijeet Ghavalkar (Abhi)

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I’m a designer and entrepreneur on a mission to promote equity, affordability, and accessibility in healthcare using design thinking and entrepreneurship. The human-centered design process, guided by empathy, is at the core of all the work that I do. I’ve launched a few hardware and software projects in the healthcare vertical since graduating with my Product Design Engineering degree and I hope to make a meaningful impact in this space, especially for those in the marginal communities.


I’m excited about working with a group of students and faculty that display wide cognitive and demographic diversity. This exposure to unique perspectives and insights will help us create some really cool solutions to real-world problems. Let’s make a dent in the universe!


Design@Large Experience (Summer 2021)

Startups and Mentoring

For my D@L, I worked on my own startup, Prana, which is a medical device that allows up to four patients to share one hospital ventilator. I grew my team from 2 members to 11 across the UK, California, and Mexico. Together, we built and tested a working prototype over the course of the summer. We’re now looking to raise a seed round of funding to develop the product further and help the team work on Prana full-time by relocating members from the UK to California.

I like sharing my experiences and failures with others so they can learn from my mistakes and get a head start on their projects. I was invited to mentor students at Harvard University’s Intro to Entrepreneurship summer course. I also mentored and gave guest talks to students at Loughborough University in England where I got my bachelor’s degree in Product Design Engineering.