My name is Adam, and I’m an avid gardener, home chef, and adventurer. After graduating in 2018 from UC Berkeley with my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, I began pursuing my own startup, “Let’s Eat!”. As the company’s Chief Product Officer and Lead Designer, I lead a team of designers and developers in creating an effective mobile ordering platform for groups of hungry college students. Currently, I’m designing and manufacturing sustainable packaging for a project called Smiles by Mail that I started with my sister. We have been sending hundreds of handmade rainbows across the US to brighten people’s days. I have a wide range of interests in design, but I’m really interested in topics rooted in sustainability and community. Specifically, I want to dive deeper into the concepts and ideas behind earthships, urban agriculture, and community based businesses. I was born and raised in California’s Central Valley, I love to hike and ski, and I enjoy working with my hands – whether that be wood work, playing with clay, or painting.

I am most looking forward to working in the studio alongside the rest of the cohort and faculty. I think the experience of sharing ideas, helping others on their projects, and being creative for the sake of creativity in a space like that will be very rewarding. I’m also really looking forward to getting to know the faculty and staff of the MDes program and learn more about what they’re working on.


Design@Large Experience (Summer 2021)