Carmela Wilkins


I am a first generation queer Liberian-Sierra Leonean (American) with a background in graphic design and creative strategy who is passionate about the intersection of data equity, human sensory research, food justice and Anthropocene as colonial discourse. Over the last several months, I have been actively merging the aforementioned, by honing SQL, Python and Tableau skills as a data visualist. The purpose of this intersectional exploration is ​​to leverage my understanding of how climate and food justice design interventions can benefit from data on gustatory and olfactory inequities and shifts in Black and Brown frontline communities. All of that being said, the learning never ends and my pursuits are a work in progress for the greater good of the world.

In another life I could’ve been a food critic. I’m a pretty good cook and love eating, I am a pescatarian leaning vegan though as we love our complicated dietary terms. And last but not least, I love anime and video games <3


What are you most looking forward to in the MDes program?

Connecting with MDes folks, collaborating, celebrating milestones, late nights in the studio, sharing meals and writing love letters to our future selves post grad.