Chia-Jung Kuo (Charon Kuo)


Hi! I’m Charon. I graduated from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology with a degree in industrial design. During my internship at Acer, I had the opportunity to revolutionize the sustainable notebook series, and this experience further inspired me about the relationship between products and people. My designs aim to bridge the gap between technology and humans, bringing about positive emotional impacts for users in this technological era. I thrive on learning through challenges and have gained design experience in various fields, including electric gadgets, furniture, transportation systems, tangible interaction, service design, and even robotic arms.

My ambition is to create a seamless world. In the Mdes program, I’m eager to delve deeper into HCI studies and gain more hands-on coding experience in tangible interaction design. I also have a strong interest in deep learning, generative design, and parametric design.

I find great joy in giving back to society. For the past two years, I have been visiting rural areas in Taiwan and conducting design technology courses with junior high school students. Their incredible expressions and boundless imagination always bring me satisfaction and inspire me to spread the seeds of creativity and hope even further!