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Denise Heredia

MDes Fall 22

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Hello! I am a designer and engineer who is excited about early-stage projects, tangible interfaces, and the cultural implications of technology. Before joining the MDes program, I worked as a camera validation engineer for self-driving cars at Waymo and also did some work as a simulation specialist modelling autonomous driving behaviors.

I am interested in designing for communities and the public sphere – with an eye towards improving public services or bringing people together via thought-provoking artifacts and spaces.

What most excites me about the MDes program is the space for creative exploration and the ability to collaborate with technologists and designers from a range of disciplinary backgrounds.


What Are You Most Looking Forward To In The MDes Program?

I am most excited about getting to know the design community at Berkeley, learning with others in my cohort, and having more creative freedom in projects.



Northwestern University, Mechanical Engineering, 2013-2017