MDes Cohort

Dongho Koo

MDes Fall 22

Dongho Koo is a user experience designer majoring in computer science and media technology who enjoys applying technology in the most suitable form for users as web, mobile, VR and AR that solve the limitation of information access and discomfort of life. He started his career as a web developer producing web pages 20 years ago when he was a high school student, and worked as a software engineer modifying the Android framework for Samsung Mobile after graduating university. Based on this development experience, we designed a basic interaction of the mobile platform that provides unified and seamless user experience. Furthermore, he was designing a spatial experience to utilize three-dimensional content and its rendering method suitable for VR and AR devices that can expand the services from mobile devices. Then, joined Berkeley.

I believe that the more experiences in a variety of fields I have, the better designer I can be. For this belief, I am a traveler who travels over 45 countries and crosses the continent of the United States alone, a music lover who enjoys learning to play new musical instruments, and a wine taster who enjoys the time with various alcoholic beverages from each country with good friends.

At Berkeley, I am looking forward to exchanging inspiration that I have never expected before with my classmates and faculty. I wish to not only share thoughts on design and technology, but also interact with each other’s faiths about our ways of life.