MDes Cohort

Eleanor Mayes

MDes Fall 22


Hi I’m Eleanor (she/her) – I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and frequently visited family in Chicago and the UK. Motivation for my design and engineering practice is centered around equity, accessibility, and sustainability. I’m especially interested in ways that disabled and minority experiences can inform design. Previously I’ve focused on building-integrated solar energy systems within sustainable architecture and worked with self-healing and responsive materials. Specifically these have included spectrally-selective mirrors for Luminescent Solar Concentrators and liquid crystalline elastomers. I’m excited to turn now to Berkeley MDes where I can directly apply knowledge about materials and design to social practice.

In my spare time I enjoy reading about the science of color, typography, disability studies, LGBTQ+ activism, and the history of technology. I like to make, craft, take things apart, draw, bake, watch soccer, and play with my cats. Overall, I would say I am most driven by my curiosity, and my desire to continually grow my own technical skills and social awareness.

MS Materials Science & Engineering, University of Minnesota
BS Chemistry, University of Chicago


What are you most looking forward to in the MDes program?

I am most looking forward to collaborating with my enthusiastic and diversely experienced MDes peers.