MDes Cohort

Franklyn Bucknor

[photo of me taken after building stuff in the desert]

i love making friends ! if you’d like, you can totally slack me for my instagram or to video chat 🙂 (the video part is highly optional)

likes: – fruit ! top 3: mangoes, strawberries, pineapples

– sunshine

– emojis (i feel like they’re modern, universal hieroglyphics?)

– dank memes

– idle time in nature. the destination and the journey bring me joy

– bringing thoughts into reality !

– philosophizing

– pondering, having my head in the clouds

– tea ! & anything green tea flavored (especially mochi)

– mindfulness, wakeful meditation

– shapes

– spirituality

– the space where optimism and realism coexist & don’t contradict one another

– new music friday (favorite genres: reggae, indie/alternative, punk rock, hip hop, latin, electronic)

– dancing !! music festivals !!

– being barefoot

– my cat, ajna

– excitement, the feeling of being passionately compelled to do ______

– adrenaline

– anime & classic cartoons

– space & astronomy

– science

– chill vibes, levelheadedness

– keeping up with my spanish ! i grew up speaking spanish at home & in panamá, so any chance to keep that part of my culture/heritage/memories alive is groovy

– the words ‘groovy,’ ‘rad,’ and ‘tranquila’ – world cultures !


– being too grounded or overconstrained

– not chill vibes

– capitalism

– the meat & dairy industry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

– injustice, institutionalized power structures

– taking life too seriously

I am most looking forward to the studio ! having the space to create a community of designers, & learning from each other’s explorations gets me super jazzed. stepping out of career life to spend time in a design monastery/dojo (if you will), and creating, taking risks, and growing as a designer sounds like a dream 😀



Design@Large Experience (Summer 2021)