Grace Thompson


Hello! I’m Grace— a research-focused UX Designer with a passion for inclusivity and sustainability. During my undergrad at Dartmouth College, I studied Experimental Psychology, and Human-Centered Design. My studies, as well as my work as a Project Manager and Design Thinking Teaching Assistant, culminated in a focus on systems thinking and UX. Since graduating, I have enjoyed the industry-agnostic nature of UX by working across a range of industries, including healthcare, digital marketing, and manufacturing technology.

I enrolled in the MDes program to explore how to design experiences that are conducive to positive outcomes alongside interdisciplinary classmates and faculty.

When I’m not thinking about design, I’m running in the trails, debating what to have for dinner, or drawing/painting (ok, maybe that counts as design). Also, I’m from Vancouver, Canada.


What are you most looking forward to in the MDes program?

Prototyping solutions to problems of the future alongside classmates and faculty!