Lingke Song


Hey! My name is Lingke(Ling-Key). I am a mechanical engineer specializing in product design and manufacturing. I love designing human-centered products that can deliver special meanings to our daily life. Before finding my passion for engineering, I was sure I would someday be an artist. I view art and design as the container that visually demonstrates creativity, technologies, and thoughts. I am also interested in sustainability because I believe as designers/engineers, it’s our responsibility to make eco-friendly products more accessible to the public.
I have various design engineering experiences from different industries, such as toys, cars, and camping goods. I love working as a design engineer, but I am also looking for a new opportunity to explore the tech world!! Outside school and work, I love dancing, hiking, and camping.


What are you most looking forward to in the MDes program?

I look forward to meeting great individuals with a similar passion to mine. We will have moments of innovative sparks and generate crazy and beneficial projects for our society together. I can’t wait to get exposed to new technologies through our excellent faculties and other UC Berkeley resources.