MDes Cohort

Peipei Lin (Penny)

Hi, my name is Peipei Lin . Growing up in Shenzhen, I was deeply involved in my hobbies, track and field, figure skating and table tennis. Through physical training, I discovered the beauty of our physical body, the rhythm, balance and dynamic harmony that shape it. As an Interaction Designer, I am passionate about the connection between sports, health and technology. With the rapid development of the digital world, we often trade convenience for our own personal wellness. Through complex observations and user research, I identify the human/computer interactions that impact our daily lives. By analyzing human factors and our use of technology, I design systems that innovate new solutions that consider long term health and wellness. Navigating a digital future starts with people and their ability to live in the physical world with balance, rhythm and harmony.

I am most looking forward to play with technologies! Especially the mechanical arm!


Design@Large Experience (Summer 2021)