Hi this is Samriddho (pronounced as Sam-rido). I’m a designer hailing from Calcutta, India trying to create empathetic experiences for my users with the help of technology.

During my undergrad, I co founded a deep tech startup in the clean water domain, designing low cost water purification solutions for the underserved. Following this direction, I am keen to design meaningful solutions to advance in the realm of entrepreneurship.

Apart from this, I’m a magician who spends most of his time flipping coins in the air! It’s been 8 years into the art and if you are interested in something mind-bending, this is the place!

Always up for conversations regarding technology, pizza, design and magic!


What are you most looking forward to in the MDes program?

I am looking forward to the culture and the learning experience at Berkeley, and of course the amazing people I’ll be working with!