Alexx Zaki


Dreamer. Creator. Innovator. (They/them)

As a budding designer, I am on a quest to refine my skills and unleash my creative potential. Driven by a deep sense of purpose, my mind is set on using design as a force for positive change. I am particularly drawn to issues of inequality and have a strong desire to empower underrepresented communities. Through my work, I aim to bring about greater accessibility and equity.

Beyond design, I find joy in playing video games, learning languages and immersing myself in the world of performance arts. These passions provide a wellspring of inspiration, influencing my creative approach and enriching my designs with cultural understanding and emotional depth.

With a mischievous grin and an insatiable curiosity, I’m ready to embark on an exciting MDes journey at UC Berkeley. Join me as we break down barriers, unleash innovation, and sprinkle a little magic into the world of design. Let’s create a future that’s as fun as it is meaningful!