Shameemah Fuseini-Codjoe


Hi, I’m Shameemah (she/her). I grew up in Ghana, and moved to the USA in 2014 for college. I graduated from Illinois Tech in 2018 with a bachelor’s and master’s in Information Technology and Management, specializing in Software Development and Data Analytics. For the last 4 years, I have worked as a Technical Product Manager in the fintech industry, and have built products that aid in democratizing financial services for people of all economic and social backgrounds. Although my background is mostly technical, I have always been a creative at heart. I have dabbled in architecture, painting, photography, and many things in between.

My experience as a black woman in tech has greatly shaped my passions and pursuits. My primary goal as I transition into my design practice is to build solutions to challenges faced by marginalized groups, and develop methodologies that aim to eliminate bias and discrimination in the design and development process of new technologies.

In my spare time, I enjoy many things – travel, chasing sunsets, photographing tulips, playing with Peanut (my adorable toy poodle), reading, road trips, swimming, and dancing.

I look forward to learning a great deal from the MDes faculty and my peers!