Stephanie He


Hey there 🙂 I’m Stephanie, a designer, researcher, and occasional coder. Previously studying computer science and industrial design at Georgia Tech, I aimed to understand technical systems in computing while developing a foundation in user-centered thinking and modern design processes. My passion lies in exploring how design can effectively navigate complex messages, systems, and technologies.

I’m inspired by people around me and love building community. My growing love for not only impactful design, but fostering a community of designers has shaped the rest of my goals and direction. I’ve taught design bootcamps, led a design department by onboarding designers, supporting designers in their projects and leading weekly critiques, and created hackathon tracks on design to introduce digital product design.

Overall, my journey so far has shaped me into a versatile and resourceful designer with a deep appreciation for the power of design and a commitment to cultivating a thriving design community.