MDes Cohort

Tania O’Neill (Tee)

MDes Fall 22


My name is Tania O’Neill, but you can call me Tee. I was led to design through a mixed bag of influences and passions. I earned a bachelor of science in Industrial Design from CSULB. During my time as an undergraduate, I discovered that the interaction between human beings and man-made objects fascinates me. I’m interested in exploring TUI (tangible user interfaces) and emerging technologies to create consumer products that fuse physical design and technology to enhance the user experience.

I’ve had exposure to different design fields in the professional world, working for both design consultancies and on the corporate side. Most recently, I designed drinkware and coffeeware for a global brand.

I’m a seeker of new things to learn – it feeds my imagination. I enjoy sketching, helping others and doing algebraic math, which relaxes me and organizes my thoughts. My favorite food is bread – there’s nothing better than a slice of warm, rustic bread with cold butter.


What are you most looking forward to in the MDes program?

I come to MDES with an open mind and a deep desire to learn, evolve, connect, collaborate, create, explore, build, and be transformed by the experience, environment, cohort and outstanding faculty.