Bob Tianqi Wei


My name is Bob Tianqi Wei. I have a diverse educational background and a passion for exploring the intersection of design, engineering, art, and music. I graduated from Tsinghua University with a major in industrial design.

Throughout my undergraduate years, I actively pursued my interests in music. I have studied classical piano and conducting, and I have performed in various musical productions and concerts. Combining my musical abilities with my design skills, I have developed innovative projects that enhance the interaction between music and technology.

I have also explored the field of interaction design and its potential to reshape the relationship between humans and the physical world. I am particularly fascinated by the concept of incorporating physical embodiment into digital information and computation, as well as exploring the possibilities of human-computer interaction. I believe that design and technology can greatly improve and enrich human lives.

I am excited to further my studies in the MDes program at UC Berkeley, where I hope to collaborate with like-minded individuals and contribute to the advancement of design and innovation. Ultimately, my goal is to leverage the power of design to drive social progress and create positive change in the world.