MDes Cohort

Titus Ebbecke

I am a Design-Engineer from Germany exploring various domains and disciplines. With an interest in Human-Computer-Interaction, Machine-Learning, Robotics, and UI/UX-Design, I enjoy combining hard factors of science and technology with the liberties of art and design. Previous things I’ve created include an industrial robot painting AI-generated art, tangible interfaces for satellite data visualization, and wearable mobile shelters for the homeless. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication-Design at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg in 2019 and currently work at the Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based Infection research where I develop data visualization and -mining software to accelerate the discovery of RNA’s in viruses and bacteria. Outside of academics, I’m working as a cameraman for various student films, love to participate in hackathons, drink tea, and spend time in nature.

I am most excited about advancing our world with Art, Design, and Technology together.


Design@Large Experience (Summer 2021)