Vidit Bhargava


Hi! I am Vidit (pronounced With-it(h)). Born and Raised in Delhi, I have been always been passionate about technology and seek avenues to learn more about it. In school, I designed and edited a monthly e-Zine for students to stay updated about technology news and trivia. My love for tech and design ultimately led me to app development.

For the last 10 years I have worked on LookUp, a dictionary app that combines beautiful illustrations, interactive quizzes, and a powerful English dictionary to enable non-native English speakers to build their vocabulary. LookUp has served close to a 100,000 users, and has won several awards such as the App Store Editor’s Choice, Webby Honoree for Best UX in education and reference apps, and a MacStories Select Award. However, I am most delighted when the app makes a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

I am passionate about designing emerging technologies that can are accessible, intuitive and fun for the people and Berkeley MDes program is a perfect fit for that.

When I am not designing apps, I love watching watching movies, baking Neapolitan Pizza and taking part in technology quizzes (trivia nights).