Xue Han (Yuki)


Hi! My name is Xue/Yuki. I was born and raised in Hangzhou, China. I had my undergraduate study at University of Nottingham as a Product Design and Manufacture student.

I am deeply interested in user-centered research, 3D modeling, and prototype testing. My areas of focus include (but are never limited to) accessibility, healthcare, sustainability, education, and marginalized groups. Through the MDes program, I aim to become a designer who creates value and equal access for diverse communities.

Meanwhile, I have volunteered as a peer mentor in rural primary schools for two years. I also founded a K-12 EdTech startup where I focused on user research and strategy design. These experiences have further fueled my commitment to making a positive impact on education and society.

Outside of work, I love nature, kittens, baking, and rock music.