Yidie Ling (Neo)


Hi there! I’m Yidie, an interaction designer who aims to provide users with a more streamlined, intuitive and gamified experience. Throughout the tenure of my undergraduate experience at UC San Diego, I was engaged in design, cognitive science, and computer sciences, which had convinced me to pursue a career in the design industry. My experience varied from product improvement for medical devices to data visualization for music applications; from early concept validations for startups to detailed UI / visual design for big technology companies.

Before MDes, I worked as a game operator and a UX designer at Tencent, where I applied my understanding of user research and human-centered design into real world products. Outside of work, I love snowboarding and traveling.


What are you most looking forward to in the MDes program?

Creativity, Mind-blowing Ideas, and the ability to bring crazy ideas to life.