MDes Cohort

Yu Cheng

MDes Spring 22

Hi, I’m Yu Cheng from Guangdong, China. After I got my engineering’s degree in industrial design, I worked as a UX designer at a leading medical tech company called Softium for one and a half years. I love my life and enjoy discovering the most beautiful moments that I will never forget. Dawn on the Ganges, a newborn baby’s smile, summer in the spice house,chocolate skin, these beautiful things around gave me artistic inspiration to create new designs. For me, technology really matters. I like to use different technologies and design strategies to map out new ideas and make appealing products. I’m now really into games. What truly amazed me is the gamification principle. I enjoy using it to make tedious work fun. You know, I mean study linear algebra and exercising. When I was little, my dream was to become a superhero. Thus, growing up, I do care about severe social issues and mental illnesses that people are suffering. And that’s why I want to make people happier, make our planet a nicer place to live, with the power of design.

I am most looking forward to enhancing my skillset, and more than that, to improve my mindset. To go beyond academic conversation with my professors and classmates, I am curious about their cultural backgrounds and the way they perceive life. I desire to work with them altogether to grow into better designers and create mundane work of design that has the potential to sir change.



Design@Large Experience (Summer 2021)