MDes Cohort

Zhipeng Pan (Rustin)


Zhipeng is an innovation design explorer and interaction designer. He is interested in exploring new human interactions with speculative design thinking and implementation to uncover greater value that AI and machine learning has to offer with regards to innovation design. His project [objt] was published by CreativeApplication.Net, a pioneer website in innovative design and invited to attend the Europe’s largest innovative design competition hosted by the European Union, Starts Prize.

He has experience working in large multinational corporations such as Alibaba Group and ByteDance. As a product designer, he assisted in both the Artificial Intelligence Judges Project and the iteration of Lark.

“Sometimes I see myslef as ‘outsider’ because I believe it is important to take an ‘outsider’s’ point of view to remove personal prejudices,foster objectivity and Look at things from a more holistic perspective. I also like engaging in critical and speculative thinking which helps me to explore possibilities in unconventional ways and I find it very exciting to participate in the process of turning an intangible idea into a tangible project.”

🪐 Please click www.zhipengpan.com for more information about my work.


What are you most looking forward to in the MDes program?

Interesting cohort. Resourceful professor. Opportunity to communicate with company like Microsoft/Google