Capstone Portfolio

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2 Units

In this culminating course for the MDes degree, students will compile a portfolio of work, selecting at least three meaningful pieces that demonstrate the achievement of key learning objectives and highlight the underlying themes of the student’s course of study. Portfolios should be an amalgamation of both written and visual content that draws out an evolution of thinking around the ways in which design, social constructs and emerging technologies intercept. Portfolios should expose process, critical thinking, as well as final artifacts and concepts. While certain projects featured in the portfolio may be team projects, significant individual work must be the focus of the portfolio and its contents articulated in depth.

The primary goal of this capstone course is to deepen the student’s individual perspective on design at different scales and across varying technologies, and to give voice to the student identity as a practicing designer. The secondary goal is to produce a professional portfolio that technically, graphically and verbally describes your significant understanding of themes in the classes the student took to complete this degree.  

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