Nuoran Chen (Ronan)


This is Ronan, a multidisciplinary designer who cares about design and technology’s social impact. I have an architecture background from China and studied landscape architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. Eight years of design study and practice experience across architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, and product design molded me into a creative designer, a critical thinker, as well as a humanistic caregiver. In my previous work and research, I’ve explored topics like critical design for environmental justice, inclusive design for the old adults, and speculative design under the conspiratory theory. Ideally, after graduation, I want to pursue design projects that not only bring an enjoyable experience to users but also contribute to including more marginalized groups in service, especially in education and healthcare. Study aside; I love cooking, music, hiking, traveling, and making friends 🙂


What are you most looking forward to in the MDes program?

working with other talented peers and listen to their life stories.