MDes Students Win the Linda Tischler Award by Fast Company


10/15/2020 12:00 am

Congrats to six of our incoming MDes students (Abhi Ghavalkar, Franklyn Bucknor, Kailin Li, Roland Saekow, Titus Ebbecke, and Xiaobai Ji) for being awarded the Linda Tischler Award at the Innovation by Design ceremony hosted by Fast Company! Their design for a low-cost, augmented reality PPE solution provides an accessible alternative to help nurses collect COVID-19 swabs more safely and efficiently.

“The SUPERvisor works through a simple but ingenious hack of the traditional face shield. After downloading a corresponding app, the user places their smartphone in a compartment on the shield right above the eyes. A mirror in the compartment then reflects the smartphone’s display onto the transparent shield below.”

Read more about their work in this article by Fast Company.