MDes Student Cohort Fall 2022

Our second cohort of 37 students joined the program in Fall 2021 and graduated in Fall 2022. They are 72% female and 28% male. 49% of the class are international students and represent 8 different countries and locations from around the world – including Argentina, China, Hong Kong S.A.R., India, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan and Turkey. 21% of the class identify as underrepresented minority (URM) and the ethnic diversity among the US students is African American/Black (5%); American Indian (3%), Chinese/Chinese American (16%), Japanese/Japanese American (3%), Latin American/Latino (3%), Mexican/Mexican American (5%), Turkish (3%), and White/European descent (11%).

The backgrounds and experiences of the second cohort span many fields and practices from design, architecture and engineering to anthropology, cognitive science, art, physics, interdisciplinary studies, textiles, business and innovation.